For Laboratory & Medical Equipment


The company was established in 1984 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has since then acquired a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable company.


The company has ensured its continuous growth and strong dynamic position as a key player in the market through the building of long term successful relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our visionary leader’s effective strategic planning and dedication of our professional team contribute to our customer’s success and we look to secure continuous loyalty and satisfaction.


The company has kept pace with the rapid changes and developments of both the Healthcare and Education sectors and we effectively managed to infiltrate the Saudi market with a wide range of affordable and cost effective quality products to reach various Hospitals, Universities, Ministries, Medical Research Establishments, Veterinary Centers and Environmental Organizations.


We specialize in Laboratory, Medical and Scientific Educational equipment. We pride ourselves with being in par with SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority) regulations which is a part of our Quality Assurance Mandate.


We are committed to continuous improvement and competing in the market with a new business concept while preserving our core values so that we constantly improve our market image and consequently, contribute to our involvement and active support of future governmental expansion plans.


To empower our customer's success by supplying affordable quality Laboratory and Medical equipment through our reputable trusted team of experts.


To be a key leading participant of future governmental expansion plans and the continuous Healthcare Evolution in the Gulf and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.


To Our Customers

Success Empowerment & Affordable Quality.

To Our Employees

Respectful Cooperative Environment & Professional Accelerated Development

To Our Suppliers

Qualified Profitable Representation.

To Our Shareholders

Profitable Sustainable Growth.

To Our Community

Corporate Social Responsibility via Gender Equality and Environmental Responsibility.


 General Manager


Engineer Mahir Kanaan

Executive Manager



E-Mail:  dalia.kanaan@najmaljazira.co



Deputy Executive Manager


Mr.Abdul Qadir Hassan Ali

E-Mail: hassan.ali@najmaljazira.co

Financial  Department


Mr. Abdallah Khedir

Phone: +966-11-4649484 

Ext: 108

E-Mail: a.khedir@najmaljazira.co



Sales Department


Mr. Joy Thettayil

Phone: +966-11-4649484

 Ext: 302

E-Mail: joy.thettayil@najmaljazira.co




Quality Assurance Department


Mr. Raid Ahmed

Phone: +966-11-4649484

Ext: 107




Procurement  & Tender Department


Eng. Fathia Amor

Phone: +966-11-4649484 

Ext: 106

E-Mail: fathia.amor@najmaljazira.co



Engineering Department


Eng. Mohammed Hassan

Phone: +966-11-4649484

Ext: 502

E-Mail: m.hassan@najmaljazira.co




Medical Device Establishment License