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A company’s brand is a critical component of organizational recognition. The brand is the image and reputation of an organization.



For Najm Al Jazira Co., our brand is more than a logo or a color. Our brand is our story — a story of determination, vision, perseverance, and making the impossible possible.

We are proud of our rich history and our core values. That’s why our new logo retains our core elements:

       Our iconic color palette:


         Red= Strength

         Blue= Trust


        Both color palette match our mission of empowering our customers.

The International Medical Symbol of the crescent


We only relocated it so that is became part of the"O" in our 

English name”HospiLab” 

indicatinghow much of a major 

part it is of our identity.

Our distinctive Star



We added an element of movement to it with stripes; representing the speedy launch and takeoff of new management.

Our ever so familiar globe



The globe represents the span of our relationship with our suppliers worldwide and the continuous evolving relationship with our customers.We added new 

continuous rotating rings; symbolizing our dedication to continuous improvement and growth.